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Wednesday 28th August 2013. Blog #89.


If the badger cull didn’t fuck me off with the Tories, the attempt of David Cameron to make peace with his own mind by asking another load of fuck-faced old cunts the question “Should I bomb Syria, or shall I just concentrate on fucking over my own country?” definitely did.

Today, I looked up who my MP is. It’s Ian Mearns by the way, if you were so fucking cock-nosed to be even vaguely interested.  I think you should look up your MP too. If they  happen to be a Tory, then simply dismiss them and move house.

I try to avoid politics in my stupid little blog, but there comes a time when you have to pipe up a little bit.

If you go way back to when the millennium meant ‘bracing to the light’, Thatcher ruined my childhood. Some may argue that those days are long gone and we have a brand new Tory party now but the scale of idiots being in government is all too deep for me to accept that.  My Mother worked for the NHS and my Father worked in the steel industry. They fucked, twisted and fucked again with both. I fucking hate the Tories. I fucking hate them with a passion.

That doesn’t mean I can’t forgive them.

Why do so many innocent badgers have to die in order for a generation to make money out of selling meat and milk? I’m sure the badgers were here first, what right do we have to go around shooting the little black and white fuckers in the head when we, ourselves, could be considered the biggest and worst parasites that rule the Earth? How about we arm the badgers with massive guns and let them decide who the worst humans are and shoot them through the head? Is it because badgers don’t have any oil reserves in their sets?  (I’d take cover anyway if I were you, Piers Morgan – just in case it turns out I am actually KING OF THE WORLD for one day next Tuesday).

Robert Muckface runs amuck under your fucking face and you do not lift a single one of your over-privileged, unknowing, unintelligent, one-track-minded, pinky little fingers. But then… oh what’s that???... a country with loads of oil underneath it and the potential to distract the (let’s face it, idiot) general public from your disastrous domestic policy?... then you are in there like a fucking teenager who has just found his dad’s dildo.

I like Obama. I liked Mr Blair, apart from him fucking over every other culture other than my own. I hate David Cameron because he has such a narrow view of the world, so much so that he cannot by trusted with the world in his hands.

First it was the badgers... and now this. This would be unforgivable. I hope Margret Thatcher dies soon so I can stamp on her grave. I hope that anyone more privileged than I can see sense in the world. I hope that the bankers get their money back, I hope that the hackers get their time in prison back. I hope that we only have 18 months left of Tory rule. I hope the Lib Dems die a dignified death. I hope the badgers of the future will be ok. I hope my children (2 of them Boy A and GIRL B) will be ok. I hope they had the joy of life I had before the money moved in.

And, Mr Cameroon,  if you want violence, I know 2 of us will go over to Syria and punch Bashar al Assad, well… I know some Scotch people who are annoyed about trams to do it for you.  OR… I know 30 million who would line up to see bombs dropped on you instead (for oil reserves and/or money).




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