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Tuesday 24th December 2013. Blog #95.


It’s taken the British just 63 years to pardon Alan Turing whereas in Russia they have been pardoning loads of people left right and centre (but mainly left) that they had incarcerated for numerous crimes that aren’t really crimes. The 2 imprisoned members of Pussy Riot have only had to serve a mere 21 months of a 24 month sentence. They don’t seem very grateful for their early release though do they? - just as Alan Turing, who committed suicide 61 years ago, does not seem entirely grateful for his pardon. Perhaps his wife and children will take solace in the long overdue nod from the establishment that everything’s forgiven? OK – so that sentence is steeped in angry, bitter sarcasm. I can’t help that, as I am an angry, bitter individual. The British Monarch has loads of catching up to do on the Russian President though. He has been letting loads of people off recently who have been punished for no good reason whatsoever and all of the people he has been letting go also have the added bonus of being alive. Come on now, buck your ideas up Queen (that’s The Queen, rather than a queen, I hope you understand).

As flippant as I am being, I do think it is important that the establishment officially recognise the past errors of their ways. In a world that glorifies train robbers and cockney murderers, reviles once loved television personalities of the 1970s and still allows certain elements of culture to remain deeply homophobic, sexist and racist – it is not completely pointless to officially pardon a man who was so unfairly and cruelly treated 63 years ago. 63 years is still within living memory and no doubt there will be a lot of people who remember it. These things need to be acknowledged and dealt with somehow or how would it be possible to move on? The bigots would always have some historic event to point to that, in their own heads at least, justifies their views. So for that reason alone – and I am sure there must be many more reasons, it’s not pointless to pardon someone 63 years after he was a victim of the society of the times in which he lived. Another reason being, it makes everybody think about our sorry past and sticks a 2 finger salute to anyone who still insists on using it as corroboration for their outdated opinions.

I have been quietly writing and recording some new music. After the achievement of releasing three 10 track albums in under 3 years – a task I found unforgiving and in most part a bit of a stressful venture – I thought I’d sit back and rest on my laurels for a year or so. After having sat back for roughly 20 minutes, I came to the conclusion that it’s time I got working on some new music again. This project at one point nearly overflowed into becoming another 10 track album but I am pleased to report that I castrated my uncontrollable creativity before it ran away. There will be a handful of tracks released in January as Alice in Wonderland E.P. Here, out of sheer generosity, I have gifted/burdened you with 2 of the new tracks. It’s a slight departure from the Meiosis you may have become used to (although looking at my download counter, more probably the only Meiosis you’ll have heard) and I’m rather proud of my brand new songs.

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome by Meiosis

Vivid Dreams by Meiosis

If you are aware of someone who may enjoy these tracks, do me a favour and let them know where I am.

Whilst on the subject of new stuff, I will be playing more gigs as Meiosis in 2014. The first will be a special one as we return to the very lovely The Cluny on 30th January with Lost State of Dance, Ian Courtney and Euan Lynn. This should be a very nice little show so get your ice skates down to said venue and check us out!

I have once again been overwhelmed to be asked to play at The Mad Hatter Festival, some gigs organised by Ian Courtney at various venues in Newcastle to raise a little bit of awareness and a fair bit of money for Coalition Against Crime. This year will see me play at The Head of Steam on Saturday 8th February. These shows are always fantastic fun to play and this year, I see Ian has taken into account my tendency to let my set overrun and extended the gig to end at 2am!

Here is the Facebook event page:


There are a couple of other Meiosis gigs in the pipeline too but I’ll tell you about them another time, otherwise this will not be so much a blog as an advertisement.

I have had terrible blog block for the last couple of months, meaning I have been unable to write you any terrible blogs. My blog continues to be the most popular thing I do on the internet, so I’m not going to give it up easily. I’d like to thank you for reading me over the last (almost) 3 years.  No really, sincerely thanks for that. Obviously I think you are an idiot for reading this rubbish but then what does that make me for writing it? Now would probably be a good time to thank Rachel for editing and uploading, not only this blog but this entire website but I think I’ve missed that window of opportunity so I will move on…

The Friendly Atmosphere Newcastle Music Scene Podcast will be coming in your ears again in 2014. We are doing things a little differently this time, perhaps learning from our mistakes – we’re making each episode shorter and we’re going to attempt to get through an entire series without mentioning the Newcastle Music Scene once! Our main rule of thumb so far is that we should just make it really fucking funny. Below is a sneak preview of the new series that will be released weekly (yes, weekly this time rather than monthly!) in which The Golden Swan and I have worked out that it costs us £9 to produce each episode and thus we go to various TV  game shows in an attempt to raise the money. Deal Or No Deal, The Crystal Maze, Strike It Lucky & Who Wants To Be A Millionaire have all been either scripted or recorded but here is Alex ‘The Golden Swan’ appearing on Bruce Forsyth’s Generation Game which sets the standard for such larks.

So as Christmas Day looms above us like a big blanket of overwhelmingly commercial slop outs and forced upon us happiness and fulfilment, maybe it’s time to remember that we’re all idiots and that this life you have been given to lead here on Earth has absolutely nothing to do with you and you should probably forever feel indebted to whatever it was that got you to where you are now in the first place. Either that or just get pissed and act like a tit for a couple of days.

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