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Saturday 22nd August 2015.Blog #111.


It’s been a while but I have been busy! Sorry!

I could blog endlessly about my recent song writing, or about all of the other projects I am currently juggling around my life.

But no. I am going to blog about Jeremy Corbyn.

A lot of my blogs have been pretty political and usually a bit negative about the political landscape and about my life in general. I have found it hard to write anything of such vigour and anger, when for the past 3 months I can see the roots and the shoots of something liberal and correct finally coming out of the concrete that has become the shape of a grey bearded old man called Jeremy Corbyn.

I think if Jeremy becomes leader of the Labour party, then my job is done, as far as my blog is concerned? What will I have to be angry about?  Somebody can do all of my shouting and ranting for me!  

I joined the Labour party after the election and it appears that this old beautiful fucker has taken all of my words and thoughts from my mind into his mouth and spoken them out loud.

I still can’t get over the fact that I am balding - or gay - so when I saw on video the other day that my arms are too long to fit my Mister Man body, I really remembered that I always will and always can look like a twat whenever I please.  Nobody can ever take that away from me.

OK - I vowed to myself that I will not blog about stuff I hate. I should instead blog about stuff I love.

No.. no… no.. I can’t do it!

Imagine The News. Imagine all the news you get from every single news outlet you can get hold of in this age of internet, TV, newspapers. This entire media just reports the extremes of news. It either has to be very very good news or very very bad news for these people to report upon it. The news only reports on the extremes. Which is fine.  Now, imagine that you are a government policy maker. You are probably going to create policies that are determined by the news, the things that have been reported. The news only reports on the extremes and you are completely unaware of what I have just said because you are 23 and you want to get on in life and you enjoyed it when you ‘sounded it out in a meeting’. Now the policy has been made and you can’t really go back on it, especially when Her Majesty the Queen said it out loud . “Fuck! Fuck! That was a bad night! – it’s too late, shit, what have I done – what do you mean David Cameron thinks it’s ‘awesome’  and now it’s Tory government policy?”

I love the way David Cameron attempts to chime with the feeling of ‘The People of the UK’ and George Osbourne talks of a ‘Northern Powerhouse’.

The term ‘Northern Powerhouse’ is the most offensive thing I I have ever heard. I love my home. I chose to live here. I have done my maths after your crowd pleasing budget – yeah mate! I’m better off  - but I’m a middle-aged balding, lanky armed twat with a mortgage and no children. I want to pay more taxes and give benefits to people in this town.

I don’t want to be bombarded every day by homeless people being very polite but asking for money. I’m tired of being asked for money with Kickstarter or other crowdfunding campaigns, when in the past the arts would have been funded. I’m sick and tired of every single good venue in Newcastle, where we used to play music or DJ, having to turf us out and ONLY do weddings and stag doos just to make ends meet.

Why are there no protest songs?  Lots and lots of old acts from the 1980s ask this question… it is because, as songwriters in the 2010s, there is more going on and we are not stupid, like what you were.

It’s irrefutable that the best ideal in this society as it stands was David Cameron’s Big Society – he can rely on some of us being nice to those who are in need – and we have done it. I think it’s time to realise that ‘Austerity’ , ‘The Global Crash’,  ‘Financial Crisis’ and ‘Recession’ are just words put out by a 19 year-old publicist that doesn’t really know any better. I like to think that they are 19 years’ old because a) I bet they are gay and sexy and b) they are stupid and wrong.

I’m guessing that they are older than that and they should not be such… well they should look after us instead shouldn’t they?

So… with a wobbly walk, and with all my vim and vigour left within me… I had a dream last night and that dream was about you.

I can talk the talk,
Let me walk the walk.

I have fallen in love with Jeremy Corbyn and I’m not ashamed to say it!

I love you.

I have changed my Twitter handle to @TheMartinT


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