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Thursday 21st March 2013. Blog #76.


Hey there! How are you? You’re looking well. Sit down, can I get you something? A piece of cake perhaps, or would you prefer a cup of marrow?

OK, as this blog was initially set up in an attempt to promote my music and I really just got sidetracked along the way, I thought I’d give you an update on how the work of Meiosis is doing.


Moving on, I watched a 10 minute video on YouTube yesterday about a Crane Driver. He was on top of a big Tower Crane showing how it’s operated and what he does all day. When conducting research, it is important to draw from several sources and cross reference, and so I watched every video I could find about Tower Crane Drivers on YouTube that showed the controls and what they get up to all day. At some point during this fascinating voyage of discovery, I fell asleep and when I awoke to the soundtrack of Clint The Crane Driver talking about his broken in-cab air-conditioning I thought to myself ‘My life is mundane. I still have half an album to write and I can’t seem to bring myself to sit down and get on with it. Instead, I am not only watching endless videos of people operating big cranes but I am also so bored by it that I am falling to sleep whilst I do so.’

I reformed myself into Meiosis in 2010 having not really done a lot with my own music since the band drifted away in 2003. I set myself the target of 3 albums in 3 years. Knowing it would be a bit difficult to do, I also knew I’d have plenty of old songs to see me through. It kind of escaped my mind that I’d sort of stopped writing songs around 2006 when I had a little breakdown, so I didn’t have the unpublished wealth of stuff to fall back on at all.

Avid Meiosis fan(s) (I’m not sure if it’s one OR two) and keen mathematicians will have realised by now that I may be making excuses. “But Martin, in 2011 you released the critically acclaimed and UK number 1 bestselling album ‘Where Reality Ends And I Begin’, which dealt with the stigma of bipolar disorder, and then in 2012 you followed that up with the Mercury nominated and new cult classic, ‘Songs For 20 Something Year Olds’ which answers the age-old question of age, life and getting old before you die… and they are TWO albums. Surely, in order to achieve your aim of THREE and to complete the trilogy, you should be hard at work writing and recording your third and final album around the concept of love and sexuality entitled ‘Historical Depictions Of The Future’ in order for it to be out by the end of 2013?”

Well, avid Meiosis fans or fan, and keen mathematicians, I am glad you asked because I wasn’t but I am now. Yesterday, I awoke for the second time that day, switched off the noise of Clint the tower crane operator and fired up my music-making machine. I listened to what I had worked on so far and was pleasantly surprised; ‘On A Mission’, ‘Fairy’s Dress’, ‘Vodka & Pills (Drinking & Singing)’, ‘Time’ and ‘Red Man/Green Man’ all in nearly finished form and all quite pleasing on the ear. And so I sat down and started recording a song called ‘Sad Song’ and when I got bored and tired of trying to work out how it should sound I had a bit mess around and ended up recording another song called ‘Bomb Me Out’. It fits nicely with the concept of the album so I think it’s in.

This, I guess, is how I write and record. An overwhelming feeling that life is pointless and I am worthless kind of makes me want to create something I feel might be worthwhile and, if I commit it to paper or a sound recording, it will be around long after I’ve gone.

This year, rather than play the same rooms to the same people over and over again, I have decided to only commit myself to playing live when I think it’ll be worth it. In January, I very much enjoyed playing at Ian Courtney’s (@cowandspoon on Twitter) Mad Hatter Festival, and, if everything goes right, we’ll have some video footage of it at the bottom of this page, and this month I played at The Black Box in Belfast, which was one of my favourite gigs that I have ever done!

On Saturday 4th May I will be returning to my birthplace, if my birthplace was The Telegraph pub in Newcastle upon Tyne, which it wasn’t, to perform a special feature-length set on my birthday – just like what we did last year. The unreliable Captain Trips (@CaptainTripsUK on Twitter) and the as yet unheard-of, mysterious Chas & Dave tribute act ‘Chas & Ade’ (@DeltasoundUK on Twitter) will be joining me on the night to play their own particular brand of pop music too. Then we will be having a long break until the autumn when I will return again with slightly less hair to World Headquarters Club in Newcastle to host not only the best David Bowie tribute band in the entire world, The Bowie Experience, from that Sussex (down there), but also performing a little Meiosis set beforehand on Saturday 28th September. Tickets for that are priced at the completely undoable £8!!! And are available in advance here: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/207550. We are expecting this show to sell out but… I’ll let you blog readers into the know that I am holding a tiny amount back to sell on the door at a slightly inflated price, so if you have idiot friends who missed the boat but would like to come with you on the night then we can accommodate them for a nominal charge.

Then we will probably do a tiny gig when the new album comes out and I guess that’s all I’ll have left for Meiosis to do for the foreseeable future. I’m open to offers if any promoters can pitch me a good gig but otherwise… Mission Accomplished.    

More videos at: www.youtube.com/user/MusicByMeiosis?feature=watch

Twitter: @MusicByMeiosis.com


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