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Wednesday 20th November 2013. Blog #94.


If you were wondering what all the hype was about with The Twat Factor or I’m a Person Get Me Out of Here… then I think you will find that the new Arcade Fire album is absolutely brilliant. Joey Essex is best on it. He can’t tell the time and it’s just fucking brilliant!

I Wish I was Mr Gorsky.

Happy birthday to my dad! He’s 60 this week and has no interest in my blog whatsoever but I wanted to say that to the 150 or so people who read this.

Right, so I have a couple of stories to tell you. The first is about my new EP that I am currently recording. The recording is going well but I was struck today by the subject matter of all of the songs. It is my intention to record a melancholic EP with songs I have written on piano rather than guitar. I have also been having vivid dreams about my ex love, who is now dead, and although they don’t depress me, they are kind of getting on my nerves. I read on that internet that you can stop these dreams by writing a letter or expressing your emotions to your lost love via pen & paper. In my case I’m going to use a computer and the internet and 150 people.

So I have this dream where I am on a rowing boat and my dead ex-boyfriend appears and he says it was all an ‘Andy Kaufman’ style hoax that he died and that’s that. I don’t get a chance to tell him that it’s sick and it’s not on. I just wake up. My other dreams have included me wearing trousers rather than jeans and the song Don’t Be A Fool, Billy by Super Furry Animals – a B-side in 1996. Perhaps advertising and the news has gotten into my subconscious. Perhaps I just miss my dead ex-boyfriend. I already know I do.

We met on an awkward Sunday afternoon. My legs turned to jelly. He taught me to sing & tell bad jokes. He taught me how to feel proud about myself and he taught me how to be proud about my sexuality. That’s what my new EP is about. It’s just all about him.

My love of 1990s indie music is manifesting itself as an obsession. Songs I loved but have since forgotten about are becoming my new favourite songs again. Sleeper, The Boo Radleys & The Bluetones are my new old favourite bands. I forgot that Giant Steps by The Boo Radleys was one of my favourite albums in the world ever until I started listening to it again recently.

AND now I’m getting older & I find it easier to express the feelings I have inside, I am happy and have so much I want to share with others before I inevitably crash and die. I still hate Simon Cowell. I still want to punch David Cameron in the head. Ahhhhhhh…. Boris!!! What the fuck?

At Least Mr Gorsky had one chance (I guess he took it).

Right, so can I break away to write Boris for a paragraph or two? There may be swearing:

Fuck, Boris Johnson is like a fucking dopey twat who has somehow become fucking powerful. Fucking Boris fucking Johnson. Perhaps you fucking idiots (I know I am preaching to the preached) might want to actually THINK about who you are voting for rather than just blindly voting like a cunt. There are many subjects I cannot blog about in my blog, being Trains, Taxi Drivers and Local Supermarkets. But Boris, Cameron, and Ian Duncan Smith are subjects I can write feely about.  If they want to fuck press freedom and want to fuck freedom of speech, I for one will be outspoken (as soon as I have finished grieving for my dead ex). Ian Duncan Smith fucks me off the most. 10 years ago he was a joke, now he is in power and has power. At the same time as America has a seriously brilliant president, we have a load of comedy jokers in power to negotiate with him. I hate Ian Duncan Smith, I hate William Hague, I hate Boris, I hate Thatcher, I hate Gyles Brandreth and Ken Clarke  and I really really fucking despise David Cameron.

Having said that, I am currently reading all of their respective books, just so I can qualify my hatred for all of them with facts (you can prove anything with facts) and that if there was ever to be a court case regarding my blog, I can point out that they are officially, on record, recorded as, in the British Library, Page 67, Paragraph 3 , line 4 – a cunt.

My grandad died last month, and I was allowed to be in the same room as some of my immediate family. Two of my uncles wrote and recorded music for artists in the 1980s, here is my uncle’s biog taken from his website:

As a songwriter: I have written songs for artistes such as SHEENA EASTON: Please Don’t Sympathise CELINE DION: Ne Me Plaignez Pas ELAINE PAGE: It Takes Love (Lyrics by Tim Rice) SARA BRIGHTMAN: Hurry Home, ELKIE BROOKS: The Last Teardrop ALVIN STARDUST: Taking The Easy Way, BRUCE RUFFIN: Messing Around and have enjoyed hits with: WAVELENGTH Top 20 ballad, Hurry Home) BABY FORD Acid House dance track, Chiki Chiki Ah Ah  THE SEARCHERS: pop song, I Don’t Want To Be The One THE TYGERS OF PAN TANG: rocker, Paris By Air

I assisted the early work of……..
Andy Taylor (Duran Duran) and Toni Haliday (Curve) and during the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWBHM) produced records by Raven (story), The Tygers Of Pan Tang, Venom and The Police.

These days I’ve been diversifying quite a bit doing musicals and exhibition projects with experimental stuff. I also produce specially commissioned music for commercials, video, animations and computer games as well occasional demos for other writers. In recent years I have also begun to produce all forms of media including video, CD ROM web media and websites.

- See more at: http://stmedia.org/about/#sthash.54V6YAfx.dpuf

And now this is why I can’t stand to be in in his presence:  Boring. Boring boring boring boring boring boring. Jealous. Boring boring boring boring. Jealous. Boring boring. Jealous jealous.

(I wonder if Mr Gorsky’s wife licked it?)

So I strive to be the best I can musically because the competition is high. I have not yet decided what to call my EP – should it be Craig E EP, after my dead ex-boyfriend, whom all the songs are about or Alice in Wonderland EP after the lead track Alice in Wonderland Syndrome? I think I’m falling down on the latter. Isn’t it brilliant that you can write things down & publish them on the internet like this and immediately come to conclusions?  

I’m happy to continue making music and letting life takes me as it chooses to. I’m a broken banjo bobbing up & down on a dark infested sea. I hope Mr Gorsky got his comeuppance before he died. After all, that’s all I’m aiming for!



Twitter: @MusicByMeiosis

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