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Wednesday 17th July 2013. Blog #84.


We’ll go down like the trees in the morning light. There is no need for you to look out for us. We are artists. You are very kind but we’d rather you just got on with your own shit to be honest.

Thom Yorke & Nigel Godrich have decided that Spotify is useless to new artists. They are of course absolutely correct apart from a few facts (you can prove anything with facts). As a ‘New Artist’ on Spotify (I have been doing this for 15 years but I guess I’m new) – I don’t mind that I get £0.000146 per play. It is better than nothing – which most services tend to offer. Since I discovered Spotify – I have never downloaded an album illegally. It is possibly where we meet in the middle. Spotify give me next to nothing for my music but that is far better than nothing at all.

Yes I think Spotify should pay more for what they have and yes I agree that at some point you will end up with a music scene led by multi-millionaire platinum selling artists and just hobbyists on there without some kind of quality control but at the same time – you have to move with the times man! Independent ‘New’ bands and artists like myself already have this covered. We already know where the money is and where it is not. We are very well clued up on the popular culture of our times. We use Spotify to listen to music (because we can’t all afford your £25 vinyl LPs anymore). We listen to that music and draw inspiration from it. Taking that music away only moves the problem to another place for us. It’s the fact that your music is there that gives us the exposure we need to be able to make money.

What happens – if you are a new artist is:

You will probably release your album yourself. Use BandCamp as your official point of sale and then consider Spotify & iTunes as bifuckular, insignificant, whatever, biproduction, “might as well”, things. None of us give a flying fuck about Spotify. It’s just a good way to be able to share the music which does not cost the consumer anything at all. These days we young kidz make our money by performing live and offering blow jobs to old men in Kings Cross. We don’t NEED Spotify or iTunes. It’s just nice to have them there.  What we need, if you are offering support, is money. Somebody’s money – the same as in the old days.  Spotify is just a convenience, like a radio station, to us. Jealous yet?

I’m looking at my accounts now – in 3 years I have made $32.00 via Spotify plays (would have made nothing if it did not exist. I have made $230 from advertising on YouTube videos from those who have nicked my music (fine). Physical albums sold - £39.23.  I have made (and this is an estimate) £3.600 over 3 years of playing gigs live. Which still is not a lot and I do tend to immediately spend any income on beer – but that is more worthwhile than nothing.

So perhaps instead of discouraging the public to listen to music on a new platform, which is absolutely welcome even if they do not pay enough for my works of art… remember that your songs being there will give inspiration to another generation who actually know what they are doing.

There is something to be said when you are a tiny little voice on the internet and you have a massive megaphone. The rest of us are just a tiny voice on the internet.

All the things I need. All the things that I love are here for me now. It’s not 1995 anymore.

But please, please, please – just leave us alone. We have this covered!

PS – Please help!

Ta x

Sing Your Life, Kidz!

Here is my new single:


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