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Tuesday 17th September 2013. Blog #90.


I have been trying to avoid writing a blog for a little while, as I tend to write about whatever comes into my tiny little mind at the time & I am aware that, at the moment, all of my waking hours, all of my sleepy dreams and all the things on my mind are geared towards selling tickets, rehearsing and generally thinking about logistics for the show I’m putting on at World Headquarters in Newcastle on Saturday 28th September for The Bowie Experience – Tickets £8 – more details here: www.musicbymeiosis.com/live.html

Another reason for not writing a blog is that I have been a bit ill. I had a nasty bout of depression, followed by a big bout of tonsillitis, followed by a bout of alcoholism, followed by a bout of feeling like a bit of an old twat for trying to take on too much stuff at once. However, now I am at peace with myself and I feel like writing to you all about something significant I have witnessed or done.

Well that just about sums that up in its entirety – so I could just end the blog here?

My new album, Historical Depictions of the Future can now finally be found on iTunes, Spotify and anywhere else you can think of on the internet. I don’t make any money from releasing these albums (or promoting gigs, writing blogs, or doing 2-hour-long podcasts for that matter) but I like to get these things out there for your consideration. So – even if you stream my tracks on Spotify, I don’t mind the fact that I make £0.0000012 for that – as I see it, it’s better than making fuck all. I believe this because I am not in Radiohead.

I’d rather have the chance to make my music accessible & perhaps gain a few new fans I can exploit at a later date, y’know like what those people off of Radiohead do. If you don’t know what I am referring to, then that’s fair enough. 2 months ago Nigel Godrich and Thom Yorke off of that Radiohead pulled their Atoms for Peace album from Spotify because Spotify does not give a good deal to new unsigned artists. Well I consider myself as a new unsigned artist and I get 100s of plays on Spotify every week. My music is also on Bandcamp, who do give a great deal for artists but not many old bastards who are casually listening to music will stumble across that AND they allow people to stream the songs – just like Spotify do - and give you jack shit fuck all for it. The way people listen and consume music is changing. More people expect to be able to sample artists for free and purchase if they really enjoy or feel the need to support them. With technological advances in social media it has become far easier to release music on a platform where it might be noticed.

In 1997, I was receiving rejection letters from record companies not willing to allow anyone to hear my music. In 1999, I had my own website & in 2000 I was playing gigs to people who enjoyed my music having heard it on the internet. Between 2011 and 2013, I have released 3 albums all by myself, with my own terms, conditions and finances all agreed by myself. I have retained artistic control over the music and have been able to recoup my costs by licencing my music for other people to use as they please. I could not have been able to do that without the likes of Spotify, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter. Also, for the hell of it, I sometimes play live. I still make no money from live shows, but more people attend if I have recently released something on the internet.

From the confines of my home, I now write, record and rehearse, release music, create music videos and conduct a promotional campaign to the world at large. I don’t need to sign contracts and give away percentages of my creations to people who don’t give a fuck. To be fair – it is all very hard work for very little reward and given the right offer, I would sign for somebody to take 90% of the work away from me & probably make a better job of doing it.

In all of my time of promoting my own and other people’s music I guess I’ve always gone with the idea of ‘just be really, really nice to everybody I deal with’. Well, that model obviously does not work – so I’m looking towards my new model: just give up.

I have achieved everything I wanted to with Meiosis, so perhaps it’s time to leave it for another ten years. I’d also like to try just being an absolute cunt to everybody I deal with… but never with something so dear to me as Meiosis.  The idea and music of Meiosis has been with me for 15 years and I’m never going to abandon it. I can’t. I hope I can think of something new soon because I can’t just do nothing! I can never just do nothing!

In order to become successful now, all you really need is a great idea (and possibly a few friends at your university or college to help you make it appear popular). You don’t need a fucking record company to tie you into contracts and deal with your music (your art) which you don’t want to give away.

Me? Well I’m an artist but I have plainly missed the boat on many occasions and I am having to resign myself to that great big bin in history of people who did not get caught by the net of notoriety, fame and fortune for their art. But you… you are something different.

Don’t take heed from what your idiot idols said who did not have to think about signing a record deal before they did so.  I’m sure Radiohead were signed On A Friday before they became good but now they are irrelevant. Arctic Monkeys were signed because they were popular on Myspace – that’s why they have the mandate to spout out all of the shite that they have been pouring at us for almost 10 years (although I hear their new album is really good. I’m going to give it a go). Justin Bieber became famous due to a YouTube sensation. All you need to do now is capture the imagination, love and willingness of the idiot general public and fulfil their urge to pay money from themselves to you. Think of something great.

Good luck with that.

On every possible level, I dedicate this video/song to the wonderful lady who runs my website:

www. MusicByMeiosis.com

Twitter: @MusicByMeiosis

28th September for The Bowie Experience – Tickets £8 – more details here: www.musicbymeiosis.com/live.html

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