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Saturday 15th June 2013. Blog #82.


I may have discovered I am Jesus… I can turn water into wine. Well, it’s a kind of wine, not too dissimilar to Lambrini.

I might even be better than Jesus down to the fact he only had 12 followers. Perhaps Facebook was more his thing.

Most of my spare time over the last few weeks has been dedicated to getting the new Meiosis album, Historical Depictions of the Future, up and running. As most of you will know by now, I love writing and playing music. I might not be that good at it but the important thing is that I love doing it. I don’t enjoy promoting much. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to do that kind of thing, generally a bit of a shameless bastard. However this time I have an album I am really proud of so don’t mind inflicting it upon some unsuspecting masses, so much so that I apologise in advance if you get weary of me banging on about it.

It’s released on 4th August, however it is currently streaming for your pleasure at: http://www.musicbymeiosis.com/new-album.html

I have started rehearsing for my insignificant appearance as the support act for The Bowie Experience live at World Headquarters, Newcastle upon Tyne on 28th September (Buy tickets - £8 from here: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/207550 or from RPM Records in that Newcastle too). I have put The Bowie Experience on at World Headquarters before. They are amazing. Not so much a Bowie tribute band but more of a real David Bowie live experience. Laurence is the singer or ‘Bowie’ if you like. He dresses up in some faithful Bowiesque costumes and then faithfully creates a 2 hour show backed by one of the best bands I have ever seen live. Honestly, if you like the music of David Bowie this show is only second to seeing the man himself and it’s only £8.

I’m not being greedy and have limited the advance tickets to just 200. The venue holds more but I can’t be doing with not being able to move in there on the night! This price at this capacity means selling all 200 tickets will cover advertising, printing, venue hire – security, bar and door staff - paying the band, paying the sound guys and I get roughly nothing! We may put some more tickets on the door on the night at a slightly inflated price so that friends of friends can tag along but in my experience getting the correct crowd to a gig can rely solely on how it is ticketed. The price was carefully thought over. I need to make the money needed to stage the show but don’t want it to be expensive. Go too high and it puts people off, go too low and people just assume the show will be a load of rubbish. Following the last show I put on by this band 2 years ago, many who attended said they’d have been willing to pay between £15-£20 to see them. I agree – but because I believe at least 200 people will attend, charging any more than a tenner would be money grabbing on my part. That’s why it is £8. It is a bargain!

For your 8 quid, I have made a deal with the management to allow you to also get to stay on at World Headquarters Club after the show.  The club is by far the best in the city. It’s independent and never disappoints, providing you with an unforgettable experience of what late night clubbing should be like.

I have sold roughly a third of those 200 tickets already, so really if you don’t want to miss the boat on this then get a ticket now! http://www.wegottickets.com/event/207550 I promise you it will be awesome!

I wonder if A.A. Gill thinks he is Jesus and that’s why he is deliberately provocative? One thing is for sure he’d be able to sell 200 tickets for a gig in one fell swoop… but can he make something similar to Lambrini come out of his winky? Given the option whose piss would you rather drink, mine or A.A. Gill’s?

We’re doing a new series of ‘The Friendly Atmosphere Newcastle Music Scene Podcast’ very soon. I think the idea is to record more in advance and edit it together to make it a little more thought through.  We’re also going to make them much shorter at around 45 minutes each. This means we will be playing far less music – if you want us to play one of your songs you’ll have to find us this time – you can email MP3s to me at MusicByMeiosis at Gmail.com. This time it is not limited to music from our local area – as if it ever was! This is a really fun project for us to produce and The Golden Swan and I are very much looking forward to getting back into it. We’re very much geared up to be coming in your ears once again.

Diana, Princess of Wales was a goer wasn’t she?

Our conclusions from interviewing 6 people from the area and examining the Newcastle music scene over the period of 6 months are that it appears everyone involved in the music scene in Newcastle is very passionate about it but thinks it should be better. I guess it’s those passionate people who are the ones with the ability to make it better but sadly, most just bugger off and do it in another city elsewhere. Our new series will be titled ‘The Friendly Atmosphere International Podcast’.

Jade Goody was a bit of a stupid twat really wasn’t she?

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate ‘Crazy’ Rachel, the lady (I say lady when I really mean freak) who invests so much of her otherwise useless existence into looking after this website for me, for obtaining via non-fraudulent means a 1st honours degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies from the Open University. I’d like to take this opportunity to do that but what I have actually done is use it as yet another opportunity to insult her. It is her 60th birthday soon too so I hope you can all contact her on the Twitters @ilikethisbetter and tell her how lucky she is to have woken up in the morning. If I had put this congratulatory paragraph any other way I fear that she may have thought I was being insincere, whereby now she will know how much I mean it. The naïve, God studying idiot.

I prefer Edward to John. If one was to kill the other, please let it be John who dies.

You may have noticed that throughout this blog I have made some rather controversial and opinionated statement. I have decided that if it is good enough for The Daily Mail to do it to gain clicks through to their website then it is good enough for me. I have now stopped reading articles on their website and can I say now on record, that it has greatly improved my life. The rule goes that if you want to promote something, say something controversial that will annoy a lot of liberal, clever people. If you are supposedly that clever then you’d not be linking to this click bait on your blogs, Twitter feeds and FaceFuck pages.  But who am I to protest?

Buy tickets for The Bowie Experience Live at World Headquarters, Newcastle for just £8 here: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/207550

Listen to the free stream of the new Meiosis album, Historical Depictions of the Future here:

Be one of Jesus’ followers here: @MusicByMeiosis.com


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