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Wednesday 14th January 2015. Blog #105.


I’m sorry, I haven’t been able to blog much recently, I’m a cunt. I’m aware.

Well this is intended as a bit of a dip in the water. I will be blogging more this year . Don’t you worry.

I have been putting together loads of bits and bobs for Meiosis things that you will be one day able to put down your trousers and make yourself all giddy about. In the meantime , I suppose it’s time I wrote a blog about what things I have been doing or the things that I am about to do.

I went to New York. That was good.
I also went to Windy Nook near Gateshead, which was OK.
I went to Greencroft, near Stanley, Co Durham. That was ok too.

The response for my latest album, Something Funny Happened on my Way to Utopia, was amazing. More people downloaded that album within its first week of release than all the other Meiosis stuff that I’ve released  previously put together. And to think that some of that stuff has been there for nearly 5 years – it’s quite astonishing that I appear to have picked up such a fandom. Next week I will be releasing the album on CD and along with all of my other albums – the CDs will be available to order either online or from me at gigs.  They are only 5 pounds!  5 pounds? Yes… 5 pounds!

The Daily Mail hate the French anyway, so I don’t know why they are now demanding that Muslims should apologies for the massacre that happened in the offices of Charlie Hebdo? Surely that’s exactly what the Daily Mail wanted?  Well maybe they didn’t want exactly that but it is what they have been insinuating all this time, so it’s not too surprising that someone got the wrong end of the stick there. It’s pretty much a given that we will now end up with another 4 years of right wing government. Because the left have decided not to vote because Russell Brand is king and he says so and the right are organised.  The Farage will have his day and we will all whinge and whinge for another 4 years. The Green party will get more and more annoyed until they become so annoyed that they explode into being the Cunt Party in Tow – “Let all the immigrants in! You are all sitting on your nest eggs, accepting low wages whilst the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, you are just waiting for the housing market to pick up, let them in to get jobs you don’t want to do, spend money you don’t want to spend and serve services you have absolutely no intention of serving.”  I will agree with them entirely.

The Friendly Atmosphere Newcastle Music Scene Podcast is moving home. The two series cost me around £110 per year to host at a website called Podomatic.com (which for series 2 fans is about 9 pounds per month) and I can’t justify that payment this year so I have discovered Soundcloud can host it for me.  This means the RSS feed will change. I’m just waiting for iTunes to cotton on and then resubmit the 2 series back to iTunes. I only mention this as the podcasts seem to be getting more downloads per day now than they did when we originally released them and it’ll be a shame to lose that momentum. Anyway – I’m working on series 3. That difficult 3rd series when they did not rely on old Reeves & Mortimer and Lee & Herring jokes. We might think up something original!  The idea was to play some local music to peeps outside of the local area and make it silly and entertaining in-between. Maybe it’s time to go back and look again at our values. I am very very proud of the two series we have done so far – I just think it’s going to be hard work to do a third and I’m not sure if The Golden Swan is onboard or not.

The main reason I don’t blog very much these days is that nothing really annoys me anymore. Nothing bothers me and I feel like I have blogged most of my everything in the past. My depression appears to have disappeared (but I don’t want to jinx that by acknowledging that). However I think I may blog more from now on about other stuff. Other stuff will be fine for you to consume. Won’t it?

So my tooth broke yesterday, just after I had gotten over a long long bout of illness. There is nothing that could possibly be worse. #JeSuisCharlie

After a minor success at The Cluny last year, I decided it may be viable to put The Bowie Experience on for a third time. Notoriously, this gig always loses me money! But… I think a couple of grand thrown around here & there to be able to put on the greatest David Bowie show that anyone on Earth has to offer without David Bowie being in it is worth throwing about if we can have that in Newcastle upon Tyne. Tickets are £10 from RPM Records in Newcastle, or The Cluny, or from this website (http://www.musicbymeiosis.com/events). I think the Cluny is running it on SeeTickets too.  I have a few tickets in my pocket at all times - if you see me, buy a fucking ticket! It’s 2 grand to stage these Bowie shows and  I think it’s about time that it wasn’t MY 2 grand that brings them here from Bournemouth every couple of years! Buy a fucking ticket!

There is a slight possibility that I may be doing my annual birthday party gig (that was not on last year for lazy reasons) this year. So look out for that.

I’m also doing Mad Hatter Festival this year again too. Loads of great acts are playing, this time all in one day at The Cluny. I’ll be on for 30 minutes between 3pm and 6pm. This is always my favourite gig of the year and I love doing it. All proceeds go to the brilliant little local charity, Northumbria Coalition Against Crime. I have already rehearsed up a tune I last played 15 years ago, which is going to be 4 minutes of fun in itself! I’ll be playing daft cover versions and songs from my Meiosis back catalogue as usual. Tickets are a fiver from here: http://www.ticketsource.co.uk/date/133293 I will try my best to be great.

Anyway, I’m not totally convinced by why I’m getting told off by the dentist for not attending for several years at a time. I go to the dentist when I have a problem and they always give me a bollocking for not having attended for a few years. This is my mouth. My entire body does not require 6 monthly MOTs from a doctor (it does, I’m old and knackered) but I now have to go to a dentist every 6 months forever in order for them not to just get pissed off with me. I went to my GP twice in the last 2 months and he was just entirely pissed off that I was even there – so why the fuck are dentist so needy? Is it money.  Arrrghhh! I don’t mind going to doctors or dentists – I don’t have a phobia. I’d just rather be doing something else. Stupid fucking dentist. Stupid fucking doctor who thinks I’m not going to die immediately. I’ll have the last laugh. When I die immediately. One day.  

When I started this blog 4 years ago, I thought it would become a one man voice shouting in a crowd for the things I believe in. I have since discovered that I am just part of a crowd of people with a tiny shouty voice.  I have recently become reacquainted with nostalgia and really enjoy doing new stuff coupled with what I have done in the past. I don’t know how to gauge the future as, as they say, the future is bleak, but my favourite colour is orange.

Let’s rock 2015? Let fucking rock as we always intended to.

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