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Wednesday 8th July 2014. Blog #100.



(I was very tempted to leave it at that for my own amusement)

I may have got to this 3 figure sum of blogness sooner but the frequency of my blogs has slowed down in recent months. This is because I have spent most of my waking hours (and some of my non-,awake hours) working on series 2 of The Friendly Atmosphere Newcastle Music Scene Podcast. If you are unfamiliar with the Friendly Atmosphere Newcastle Music Scene Podcast then first of all, where the devil have you been? Stop mucking about reading this immediately and get to http://www.musicbymeiosis.com/podcast.html, listen to all 6 episodes and come back when you’re done.

I have very much enjoyed doing Friendly Atmosphere Newcastle Music Scene Podcast, one of the running jokes of which is to always refer to it in long form, by its overly longwinded title of Friendly Atmosphere Newcastle Music Scene Podcast. However, I don’t think anyone has actually cottoned on to that joke so I guess I’ll just stop doing it now. From now on, where I mention our ‘podcast’, unless stated otherwise, you can assume I am talking about the Friendly Atmosphere Newcastle Music Scene Podcast. So aye… I have very much enjoyed making the podcast. Indications show that quite a few people have been listening to it too so thanks very much if you have been one of those lovely people. It’s basically an excuse for myself and my friend Alex to mess around and be silly but we have inadvertently discovered some awesome music in the process. If you were one of the bands featured in either series, thanks very much for allowing us to dick around on either side of your music. A full list of all the musicians include is available at the link I posted above.

For all 2 of you who have asked, I cannot see a 3rd series of the podcast (Friendly Atmosphere Newcastle Music Scene Podcast) happening, as basically I don’t think Alex is going to be up for it. He has stated that he “can’t think of anything worse than recording a third series”… but I have already mentioned to him the Holocaust and the September 11th Terrorist Attacks, so things are at least heading in the right direction. If indeed Alex does not want to carry on with this format (and indeed, I’m not really sure if I do for that matter) then I will think of some other way to both broadcast my ego and promote some local Newcastle music in podcast form. I’m not going to call it the end as, if there is one thing you can be sure of, it is that if I say I am never going to do something ever again then it is relatively certain that I will be doing that precise thing in the almost immediate future. I’m a bit like Michael Eavis in that respect of harmlessly, unintentionally bullshitting people.

Episode 6, the final episode of this series, will be out this weekend, so please if you have not yet listened go to http://www.musicbymeiosis.com/podcast.html and give it a whirl. I’d advise you not to start at episode 6 though as you’ll find it a bit weird. Go back and listen to the first 5 episodes and then you will be able to listen to episode 6 and learn that it was of no consequence to not listening to the previous episodes that episode 6 was a bit weird.

I have organised what promises to be an awesome all day gig at The Cluny, Newcastle for Saturday 23rd August. Every act on the bill has featured on our podcast (Friendly Atmosphere Newcastle Music Scene Podcast) at some point, which was intentional as I was originally going to make this a live episode! … but Alex wasn’t up for this either as his sole intention in life is to hold me back. Well maybe that’s unfair, I think he’s just a morbid bastard. OK – he just didn’t want to get up on stage which is fair enough. I believe he is attending though, so you can call him a morbid bastard to his face if you like! This gig has taken a few months to put together and all the acts are playing for no set fee and will be taking a share of the money taken on the door, which, I think, is really good of them. So please come down to The Cluny on Saturday 23rd August and support them. It’s only £5 (FIVE POUNDS?) which is a lot cheaper than most gigs at the same venue and the bands will be getting a big chunk of your £5. Unfortunately the other chunk will go towards my debt of organising such an ambitious show and I know my ‘fans’ enjoy seeing me struggle through huge waves of debt from live shows only to bounce back and take on more but this time can we just let the other musicians take a bit of beer money for their efforts? I don’t ask for much now do I?

If you wish to do so, you can buy tickets in advance for this show from The Cluny (ask at the bar) in person or via SeeTickets (just click ‘Buy Tickets’ here: http://www.thecluny.com/listing/orphean-sounds-more-all-day-event)

Here’s the full line up for the gig :- starting at 1pm (all stage times will be posted on http://www.musicbymeiosis.com &the gig’s Facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/events/316844271824568 nearer the time)


As I say the gig starts at 1pm and goes right through the afternoon and evening until 11pm at which point I will be an absolute nervous wreck, so please come down early and not only help me avoid having a complete and utter breakdown but also enjoy up to 10 hours of top musical entertainment for just a fiver.

It may be that I’m getting too old to put on this kind of gig but I guess time will tell. If this gig is at least a moderate success then my next project is to bring the Bowie Experience back for a gig in Newcastle. I can’t do that if I’m wading around in masses of debt. OK? OK. It may also be worth mentioning that I am encouraging all the acts playing to bring their merchandise to sell at this gig and I also have at least 2 other local acts you may have heard of coming down to sell some CDs and things at a nice big merchandise table inside the gig, so do bring your pocket money to support our lovely music scene directly via the musicians who make it what it is. Of course I will be there too and I am happy to sign any of my free MP3s you want to bring down.

Yes! On the subject of free MP3s, I have for a limited time (that limited time may last my entire lifetime) made all of my music published on http://meiosis.bandcamp.com FREE! For whoever wants to download it. I figured it might be a nice thing to do as I’m planning a few Meiosis gigs and, for a change, it’d be nice if you could easily obtain some songs of mine before the shows. This means you can now download my latest 3 albums, Historical Depictions of the Future, Songs for 20 Something Year Olds and Where Reality Ends and I Begin for nothing (or on a ‘Pay What You Like’ basis) as well as older albums such as 2001s Bob, 2000s The Melon Shark Legacy and my debut album Meiosis from 1999 (bloody hell, I’ve been doing this for a long time to be still giving music away, haven’t I?) You can also get other bits and bobs such as the Sticking Together E.P. which is basically the 5 track demo Meiosis recorded as a full band in Wakefield just before we disbanded, and also a set of Meiosis interviews I have re-uploaded. So get your shit together and head over to Bandcamp to start indulging in some nice but badly recorded music!

So yes… one hundred blogs. I find it quite an achievement even though I think around 75% of them are utter rubbish and I find them incredibly embarrassing. My blog, however, is one of the most successful things I have ever done and I thank you for tuning in to my irregular rants, ponderings and downright offensive grumblings every now and then. This blog has helped me keep hold of my sanity as I have offloaded my insane thoughts onto the internet, making me feel insane as I pedantically looked up every single fact in every sentence and cross-referenced it with various internet sources. I should probably say thank you to Rachel (@Ilikethisbetter on Twitters) for not only editing but also acting as a kind of safety net for potentially slanderous sentences before this blog goes on the internet and she also uploads this blog and looks after this entire website for me. Without her doing this I’d have no time to do much else so please give her ‘the clap’ from me. I mean I say I should probably say thank you to Rachel but of course I’m not going to.

My empty achievements for no reason are totting up now. My target of doing 3 albums in 3 years was achieved with gusto but a bit of stress and possibly a following breeze of helpful egotistical big headedness to carry me towards the goal. Now I have done 100 blogs but I guess most of those have just fallen out of my head and the only real achievement with this is that sometimes it makes my hands ache when I have been typing for too long and that sometimes it takes me ages to think about stuff to whinge about.

Anyway… I’m pleased you are all still reading this. I am well aware, too aware for my liking, that a lot of you read this whilst defecating. This time, I am aware that this blog may have retrospectively appeared to be one long advertisement but I do sincerely hope you have all had a nice poo.

Normal service will be resumed next blog, where I will be calling all sorts of establishment figures names for 2 to 3 sides of A4 on Microsoft Word but for now here’s Dan Le Sac & Scroobius Pip to say everything you & I wish I had said above.

Twitter: @musicbymeiosis

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