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Tuesday 8th January 2013. Blog #69.


The producers and researchers and everyone involved in the making of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother have been amazing. They really have pulled it out of the bag this time. Starting at the top of that list and working their way down to what they have must have been exhausting. “Is Beyonce Knowles available?”, “is Nick Knowles available?” “OK then…who isn’t a criminal?”, “OK... who has been arrested on suspicion of being a criminal?”

I’d go on Celebrity Big Brother. I wouldn’t go on the normal one as I’m middle class.

Today is David Bowie’s 66th birthday. He has surprised everyone by releasing a new single and announcing a new album which will come out soon. Apart from being incredibly surprised myself, I think it’s outstanding that a recording artist of his fame and stature has been able to do this without anybody involved letting it slip. Just the other day I had resigned myself to thinking that maybe he had retired from music for good. I remember thinking a similar thought just before the Pulp reunion was announced in 2010 (The Meiosis reunion came first!)  Maybe I’m magic. Maybe I am Jesus. If you’d like any other musical acts who haven’t done anything in ages to suddenly spring into life then just get me to decide that they have DEFINITELY called it a day. It’s Elvis Presley’s birthday today too. He doesn’t appear to have made the same effort.*

We are recording ‘Friendly Atmosphere Newcastle Music Scene Podcast” number 3 next week. We almost have enough new music for this one, but we need more!! Please send us links, demos etc etc to Musicbymeiosis at Gmail.com or use the contact tab on our website. Alex and I are now really enjoying recording these and people appear to be listening to them, so we’ll keep it going for a while yet! But we need your input.

I’m very pleased to announce here as an EXCLSUSIVE… LUSIVE… IVE (echo)… Meiosis will be playing in The Green Room at The Black Box in Northern Ireland on Sunday 3rd March. Tickets are in advance (and probably on the door) and details will be up on http://www.musicbymeiosis.com this weekend. I have worked very hard to put this gig together and now I see that the Belfastarians are knocking two shades of shit out of each other, I feel it is only proper and correct for me (Jesus, we’ve established that) to go over there and tell the fuckwits which flag is correct, or how to timeshare a flag, or that nobody really cares that much about a flag, or that really??? All that fire over a flag? I’m proposing (as Jesus) that I will walk on stage wearing a big Union Jack flag and then some of the locals can set fire to me. The percentage of me that turns green can be taken into account for a new flag which will be called “Martin”.

Or I might not do that. I’m guessing the people who come to see us in Belfast will be fairly liberal like me & Snugglenolia and don’t really want to set fire to anything.

The unguarded hatred that comes out in people and how they are brought up in their lives has a profound affect upon their opinions. Onlookers tend to think ‘anyone who opposes my own opinion so violently is an idiot’. I think that if you have an opinion, it should probably be heard. Violence is not the way but perhaps it’s the only way these kidz have been taught to deal with conflict in opinion. Everyone should have a blog. Everyone should have a blog!

If peace and life means nothing to you and you do not love your hometown at all then go ahead and wreck the place – but for every YOU there are 10,000 people who don’t want you to do it. It’s a complicated problem but fire and bloodshed will not solve it. So just pack it in. OK?

You have a beautiful city and a really really nice public around you, who care more than most cities in the UK about the city itself. Belfast can be wonderful they say… but who made it?

*Stupid joke courtesy of Robin Ince.

If you wish to argue with the writer of this blog or give him musical ‘tips’ he will politely ignore them, as he’s been doing it for 15 years and he does not need a snotty-nosed yuppie telling him what he already knows… then the contact details are below:


Twitter: @MusicByMeiosis


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