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Thursday 7th February 2013. Blog #72.


I point my nose to the Northern star, I strive to become whatever I should be,  I fall where the fallen lay & I read a lot of books. Everything I do & everywhere I go I am bombarded with the notion that I should be doing something different. Read more than you’re reading, listen to more than you are listening to, watch more than you watch. I watch, read & listen to a lot of stuff. Almost constantly. If I have a free moment, I read, watch or listen to something. I occasionally make things for other people to watch, read or listen to as well – kind of in return… in thanks I suppose.

When listening to music, I tend to like listening to the same thing over and over  until it’s completely broken in my head. The music that I come back to is awesome and the music I leave littered in my horrible dump at the back of my mind is sometimes nice to return to once in a while … if for no other reason than to prove I was either right or wrong in dumping it there. I have an extraordinary memory for when and where I first heard and embraced a particular piece of music. I don’t have a great memory for making music & remembering who did it – or for that matter where and who I am now.

I watch an awful lot of your videos on that internet and some bits and pieces on television. DVDs and other oddities that come from space, I think. We constantly stumble across some amazing things on the internet – but some of that is often put to the back of our heads as we discover the next thing, and then the next thing and then the next thing. Where is the next thing? Entertain me!!!!

I read roughly 3 books a year. I can’t read quickly, as with music I have to read things over and over again for it to sink in. I enjoy reading, I read blogs daily and I read stuff from online newspapers I wish I hadn’t and I read Wikipedia almost constantly. I love reading Wikipedia, it just helps me go to sleep if nothing else but the things I have learned… My favourite Wikipedia pages to read are about things I am already quite knowledgeable upon and then I can pick faults with their facts but I also learn something new – and with a quick Google cross reference search to make sure it’s not a ‘made up fact’, I can learn something new and tiny and wonderful about something I thought I already knew everything about.  Then there are the subjects that I feel the need to learn about, I spent 4 weeks reading about The Middle East – with links to literature I would not know where to start.

So plainly, I’m tired of the world trying to tell me what I should listen to, read or watch.

Because my last blog was so negative, I thought it’d be nice to show you some of the things I really like and some pastimes you could take up instead of being a dick without knowing it. Instead of calling Simon Cowell a cunt constantly – maybe I should show you some things that are not so bad.


Augusten Burroughs  - Dry - £5.99 from Amazon  - I wanted to link from Augusten’s official website but it’s not very user friendly!


Michael Legge’s blog:


A constant reel of grumpy, embarrassed, ranty shite spouted off by the grumpy, ranty, shite-spouter artist that is Michael Legge. This will make you feel better.

Richard Herring’s blog:


If Richard Herring has taken himself to task to wiite a blog for EVERY day of his life, I have recently taken upon myself to just take on the mediocre task of reading it every day. Sometimes rubbish, sometime brilliant and inspiring – it’s something you should look at. He’s been doing this for 10 years! There is a search engine on it too it you want to read about something that interests you in particular. He is only a couple of months behind the man who hold s the world record for writing a daily blog. We are waiting for him to give up and die. Read his blog every day & you may see an insight into a life that is not yours but has similar (sometimes boring) consequences … and you will wonder if ‘the grass is always greener’.


Andy Kaufman:


I love the idea of being able to collapse an audience into despair, only to build them back up again within a gig or ‘show’ if you like.

I wanted to put Andy Kaufman’ s "Elvis" ditty here, however  since my last look it appears to be have become overcome with tributes & floplites on YouTube.  I’m sure my regular readers are dead clever and know how that went anyway! Here’s Mighty Mouse, for nostalgic purposes:


I think that says more about YOU than it does about Andy Kaufman.

My musical act, as I do it at the moment, is heavily weighted towards the original music I play, and the audience is under the pretence that they are bored. ‘Tension & Release’ is a figure I learned in song writing – but why not apply it to whole shows? I don’t call them ‘gigs’ anymore, or ‘shows’ … I call them ‘Art Installations’. Why do we have to be confined to playing gigs with 2 guitarists, a keyboard, a bassist, a drummer and a singer? Why not mix things up a bit?


I think that says more about YOU than it does about Andy Kaufman.

I miss you, come to my show. X

Belfast: Sunday 3rd March

Newcastle: Saturday 4th May – Martin Thompson’s Birthday Extravaganza!

Newcastle: Saturday 28 th September – The Bowie Experience (& last ever Meiosis show) http://www.wegottickets.com/event/207550

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