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Wednesday 6th May 2015.Blog #109.


We did the best gig of our lives. We did it. We prevailed. The outcome was far better than I had expected or would ever dream for. This blog is a little overdue as I seem to have been ever so busy and preoccupied since the gig on 28th March but here goes; my insider thoughts and opinions on what was possibly a key moment in my life.

Before I do that, I’d just like to express my thanks to:

All of the staff at The Cluny, Joel, Julian, Hector?, Nick, Rachel of the Purvis, Gary, Paul Fairbairn, Jane & Hayley at The Crack & everyone else at The Crack, All at RPM and all of my friends for putting up with me or not bothering me for the past 6 months!

Well that was a good one wasn’t it? I was thinking about retiring myself from live music back in August 2014 at the same time as my emotional arm had been twisted my Laurence from The Bowie Experience. We’d done 2 great shows –and I’d done an awful lot of work with promoting various tribute acts over the last few years….

Since 2007 I have put on Viva Morrissey 3 times and very few people gave a fuck – although they were amazing and I would have them back at any time forever (skinchies). We also put on The Bowie Experience and still not enough people gave a fuck (although I’d have them back any time, fingers crossed). I have had loads of nights with local bands playing, or bands that have gone on to be successful playing, or something silly happening… but tonight was the first time since I was 19 years old that I felt… ‘Yeah. This is successful – let’s do exactly this again!’

I love the way that music can stir different emotions that the spoken word just cannot express. I love the way it can stimulate something that sight, smell and usual sounds can't do. Just 3 chords and a little melody can send you far far further away than a plane or a boat or a car. I love it when it's just a personal thing that makes you really feel something deep inside & I love it equally when it becomes a massive bond between 1000s of people and you all sing the same words in unison together outside. Music is the single most important thing in my life.

My little set seemed to go down quite well. People ask me if I get nervous before going on stage and on this occasion I’d have to say no. I just felt like I had a job to do & I’d very much enjoy carrying out that job. I had a purpose, I felt that my reason for me playing was justified and I really enjoyed playing this gig. I was pleased that Rachel persuaded me to do a more Meiosis ‘Greatest Hits’ – if there was such a thing, rather than the set I was going to play which would have involved thinking… and nobody likes thinking on a Saturday.


Do You Remember The First Time? (Pulp)
Dribs & Drabs
Alice In Wonderland Syndrome
Life & Dreams Parts 2 &3
Play Games With The Freaks
This Time
The Passenger (Iggy Pop) – With Toxic Melons

A video of the entire Meiosis set exists and it it here:

And then The Bowie Experience!

I cannot describe how brilliant they were that night without using some of the promo blurb I used to promote the gig: ‘The best David Bowie Tribute in the country’, or ‘The finest way of hearing David Bowie’s music short of hearing David Bowie sing them himself’.

The Bowie Experience live at the Cluny has changed me as a promoter. I was almost completely mesmerised by the volume of people, head, personalities who were there. I was about to give up – and then 300 people turned up! I can’t thank you all enough. It means more to me than you ever know.

You’ll just have to come and see them next time!

The Bowie Experience played:

Space Oddity
Aladdin Sane
Life On Mars?
Moonage Daydream
Jean Genie
Hang On To Yourself
Suffragette City
Queen Bitch
John, I’m Only Dancing
Rebel Rebel
Diamond Dogs
Cracked Actor
Sound & Vision
Boys keep Swinging
Where Are We Now?
Ashes To Ashes
Let’s Dance
Golden Years
The man Who Sold The World
China Girl
Young Americans
Modern Love
Ziggy Stardust
All The Young Dudes

And then we all went home – or got bladdered in another bar.

There will probably be a next time but for now forgive me if I can just go to sleep for a bit… mmmmm lovely sleep.

So yeah…. I wonder to myself how much further can we push this or how can we make this better? It’s difficult when we get to this standard and I’ll be honest, it’s even harder to make sure that a little bit of success doesn’t run away with you and turn you into a twat. My favourite bit of doing all of this is that… we are now in the capable position of doing it all again.

Here are some tracks by The Bowie Experience that I recorded that night:

Life On Mars?


Suffragette City:




Young Americans:


Ziggy Stardust:


All The Young Dudes:



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