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Saturday 4th October 2014. Blog #102.


I haven’t written a blog in a little while and that is because I have been busy organising and sorting other stuff. One of the things I organised and sorted out was the All Dayer at The Cluny, which I did not want to blog about beforehand as it was such an ordeal. I thought if I shared any of my thoughts on the matter, it would have a negative impact on my cheery promotional campaign.

It was hard work putting that show on. I started planning in February and didn’t stop until the day before it happened. I guess it all paid off in the end as it turned out to be a lovely day. I put on some wonderful local musicians and I didn’t lose all of my money! Mission accomplished.  

As a self-appointed good promoter,  I would normally follow up my frantic pre-gig emails with a post-gig message of thanks to all involved – but because, on this occasion, I had everything riding on it being a moderate success rather than a failure, and had put the contingency plan in place to give up  all music endeavours forever should it fail, what actually happened post gig is that I exhaled a long sigh of relief. That long sigh of relief took about 6 weeks to exit my lungs and I’ve only just started to breathe like a normal* rational person.

So thank you so much for that day if you attended. And a little bit of extra thanks to the peeps who put a bit of effort into contributing to making it actually work, namely (in no particular order):

Rachel Purvis, Elliot Clarke, Joanne Oliver, Kevin Heffernan, Thomas at The Cluny, Paul Fairbairn, Simon Chester, Jonjo McNeill, SimpleSwan, Captain Trips, Joel Thomson, Pablo Lorenzo, Euan Lynn, The Pastels, Downtown Leicester Brown, Rob Thinman & Gary Robertson.
Without any one of the above people being involved (I know some of them are bands, so if you are in one of those bands – count yourself as part of this), that day would not have been as lovely as it was. It was such a lovely day. Thank you. Lovely.

I could blog extensively about my trials and tribulations regarding organising that gig and I’m sure some of you geeks would enjoy that but I guess it’ s time to move on. I have recorded much of the gig and hope to edit and have it ready for some kind of presentation next year (might be a podcast). I also promised that if the gig went well that I’d get The Bowie Experience back to play a gig in Newcastle next year. I’m in the process of getting that sorted. Please bear with me (there is a bear with me).

Before I carry on... I also need to add…

My new album, Something Funny Happened on my Way to Utopia, is out now on Bandcamp: meiosis.bandcamp.com/album/something-funny-happened-on-my-way-to-utopia. I uploaded this to Bandcamp a couple of weeks ago and have been updating it and remixing ever since. I have found that, in the past, when I upload my music to such websites, it sounds a little different to how it sounds on my own computer. That’s mainly because things get compressed and lost when you compress music files. So I uploaded it there and worked with what I can here, to come up with a mix of the album that should work nicely in MP3 format or FLAC or CLUT or whatever...! Anyway – if you downloaded it a couple of weeks ago –THANKS! – but download it again, as it sounds a lot better now!

*idiot person

This had already become my most successful album ever - within only a couple of weeks more people have listened to and downloaded it than they have for all of my other albums put together. All I have done is Tweet & Facebook links to it so, I hope, the best is yet to come. One thing that can be said about it from my point of view is, even after a year of making it, I’m not bored of it. Often after completing projects I feel dirty and sorry for having inflicted them upon the world and it takes me a while to be able to look back on my fruit – but here, I feel quite pleased.

For those of you who would like a long (that is now a tradition) blog about the albums and what all the songs are about, I’ll do that – but not now.  Just go and listen to it on Bandcamp. CD versions are being ordered, I just need to work on the artwork a bit and it should also be on Spotify & iTunes etc, etc before the end of the year.

Here is the final track listing for the album:

Something Funny Happened on my Way to Utopia

1. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
2. Thumper
3. Return of the Dead Eyes
4. Vivid Dreams
5. T.Dan
6. Ignore the Monsters
7. Pull the Ladder Up
8. Throw
9. Pretty OK
10. Little Epiphanies

All downloads are on a ‘pay what you like’ basis. That means free if you like! Have a look!


Anyway, that’s all I have to say for now. Apologies for the lack of blogs recently, it’s just I’m a little bit busy. Normal service should be resumed shortly.

I will leave you with some footage of me playing On a Mission, taken from the All Dayer at The Cluny gig which I have lovingly prepared for you below.

MEIOSIS: On a Mission – Live at All Dayer At The Cluny, 23rd August 2014

Twitter: @MusicByMeiosis

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