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Wednesday 2nd July 2014. Blog #99.


Who the hell is called ‘Rolf’ anyway? This is going to be a lot less strain on my already ‘Rolf’ tired Microsoft Office autocorrect/ smell checker.

I don’t normally write blogs about current things in the world that are happening now… but I feel I must…

Oh Rolf!?  

Rolf, how could you betray us in this way? Rolf? Surely not Rolf?

Oh Rolf! Oh how could you? You have disappointed me. You have disappointed every soul who believed in you. I don’t give a shit what the media say, you have made me cry. I cried last night and I will cry again tonight. You were one of my heroes. Now where do we stand? We stand crying… like idiots in the midst of whatever you’ve done. We will miss you. Perhaps it’d have been better if you’d died.

I think back to when I was around 13 and another of my teenaged compadres started to slag you off as a ‘kiddy fiddler’. I defended you even though she was a year older than me and I ran the risk of being beaten up by a girl. I did that for your sake rather than mine. I got beaten up later anyway for being an obviously geeky cunt who liked Rolf Harris tunes rather than whatever was in the hit parade in 1996. I never thought I’d deserved that beating until now.

Oh Rolf! How could you have been like this all along? When my big brother and I used to whistle along to the theme to Rolf’s Cartoon Club – that whistley tune is now tinged with guilt. Oh Rolf?! Rolf!!

I cry some more as I type this but Rolf Harris was my hero. Not just throughout my childhood but my adulthood too. We saw him twice at Glastonbury. He was in my top 5 Glastonbury experiences ever. I adored Rolf Harris. I feel cheated, defeated, unloved and unlived by his conviction. I feel like a little bit of my life has to be unravelled and weaved again without him in it, intertwined with something to replace him… nope, there’s nowt… and anyway… they’ll all turn out to be paedophiles in the end. That’s how I feel. I suspect – If you were a Rolf Harris fan - you might feel that way too.

As annoyed and sickened as I am, I still don’t think there’s any point in putting Rolf Harris in prison (not for very long anyway). It’s far too late in his life for prison to serve as any kind of punishment. His career is in tatters, his family will shout at him, he’s in his 80s… let’s face it, he’s probably going to die soon. Let him repent to whomever he wants to before he dies. He has definitely not got away with this. Prison is not the answer to this. He’s not likely to reoffend.

The media appear to be comparing Rolf with Savile today which is annoying. Savile was found to have abused 1000s of people and maybe dead people too. I don’t think anyone is accusing Rolf of doing any such things. I fear a judge may sentence Rolf, not for his own crimes (there, I said it, Rolf is a criminal), but for Savile’s crimes too – as the “media” is watching.

I do find the need of the media, social media and printed media to enjoy thrusting the same images in your face, again and again, repelling. The amount of stock images they used, when the country apparently loved Jimmy Savile, of him posing nicely which, believe me, is difficult to do if you’ve always looked like you are in you 70s. At the moment they only have Rolf’s mug shot but they will search far and wide through stock photographs to make sure they can repeatedly show one of him looking a bit odd and evil. You have to think of the families involved when this sort of thing happens. Because of these repeated media stock photographs we will be able to demonise sex offenders in our heads without the need for rational thought via pictures upon pictures upon pictures.

Rolf! Rolf? I did not want to make my 99th blog about the sexual abuse of children in 1973-1986 but it appears you have made it so. Anyway, I loved you from 1988-2014, so that doesn’t count does it?

Oh, apparently it does… Well. Rolf – I want an apology. I want an apology for all of my 23 million friends too who feel similarly dismayed.

For one second of your life, just think, just think of all the people who might be getting away with this sort of thing who are not famous.  Think about their families, their victims, their entire outlook on life.

I know what is going to happen now… loads of unwelcome Facebook groups rounding up people to whom a thought becomes a burden, loads of Click Bait style websites, loads of stupid jokes that arrive via text and email. I made a joke up – ‘Rolf-a-Rude’.  I don’t want to post it on Twitter and have it retweeted over and over… because the whole thing, all of it, just makes me feel really sad.

I remember the days when the jokes were melancholy & I smiled. I remember the days when everything was complicatedly simple but I loved the way it was. I remember, remembering how not living in the past would be more beneficial to my present than attempting to live in the future via what’s gone on in the past. I remember a time when I did not think that Rolf Harris was a criminal.

Oh Rolf?!

Yes the softest ever bullet ever shot… is this blog where I, of all people, have to admit…

Rolf Harris is a cunt.


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